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The Green Hope Colombia (GHC) and GreenHope Mexico (GHM), for the conservation, protection of the Amazon Forest and develop of sustainable projects, has been recognized and interviewed by international media and organizations as follows:


13. The Oprah Winfrey Network OWNTV; Associated with Operation Change and Starkey Hearing Foundation showed the Colombia Episode when Green Hope Colombia partnered with Operation Change, and supporting Nukanti Foundation; built a Community Center with recycled plastic bottles in Cazucá, Colombia. - July 2014.
14. The Francaise Alliance in the city of Cartagena de Indias; has invited us to show the first 3D pictures expo, about the Amazon Forest in Colombia; we visited also some schools to explain to young people the importance to protect our nature and our planet, Colombia. - March 2014.
15. The Foundation Green Hope Colombia, had the opportunity to meet the Conservationist Mr. Carlos Galindo; Director of Communications of Science of CONABIO; National Commission of Knowledge and Use of the Biodiversity in México. It was great to talk about future projects and to share information about the forests in the world. - February 2015.
16. UPSOCL; has published our article "When you read this, you will understand why you must be worried about the Amazon Forest". Supporting our projects in one of the most important social media webs; and why we must take action to Save The Amazon Forest. Green Hope Colombia / ForestEver / Up2Green / Photographers Without Borders (Spanish Version). - April 2015.

17. The web MONGABAY in Spanish; has published "Colombia: Will accomplish to reforest 210.000 ha of trees in 2018?". Supporting our project and showing why is important to developforestry projects in the Amazon Forest. Green Hope Colombia / ForestEver / Up2Green - December 2016.

18. The Foundation Green Hope Colombia ; has visited CONAFOR - MEXICO, in the research to develop new reforestation projects in Mexico. Green Hope Colombia - January 2017.

19. The Foundation Green Hope Colombia; gave to the President of Colombia, Mr. Iván Duque; the first ecoshoes CAPPAZ, winner of INNPULSA award of Orange Economy, with CAPPAZ we will reforest more trees in Amazonas.
November 2018.
20. The Foundation Green Hope Colombia; had a meeting with CLARO COLOMBIA, President Mr. Carlos Zenteno; to show the reforestation project, to achieve new goals and a better country.
Green Hope Colombia - May 2019.
21. The Foundation Green Hope Colombia; made a partnership with KIF - Koyamada International Foundation, Mr. Shin Koyamada; to develop and support our projects in the Amazon Forest, and establish new ideas and projects with Green Hope USA and Green Hope Japan in a near future. Green Hope Colombia - September 2019.

22. The Foundation Green Hope Colombia; with Grito Amazónico Foundation, organize and make the - 12,13 and 14 June 2020. This festival is a FREE Live Streaming with Local and International Artists, to get donations to help the personnel of Doctors, Medics and Nurses of San Rafael Hospital in Leticia, Amazonas; that are facing and battling to Stop Covid19 in the Amazon Forest. We really need your HELP!

Please donate here:

23. The Foundation Green Hope Colombia; would like to thank friends, and companies that have been supporting us and donate to get face masks and face shields for the Medical crew, Doctors and Nurses of San Rafael Hospital in Leticia, Amazonas to Stop and Battle the COVID19.

THANK YOU! We will continue working to help!

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