The Amazon Forest


The Amazon Rainforest, is the largest tropical forest of the planet. The approximate area is more than 6 million square miles, comformed by the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, French Guyana, Surinam and Venezuela. The Amazon Forest have the highest biodiversity per square meter and is the largest river in the world.


The Amazon rainforest is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World on November 11 of 2011, and as a UNESCO World Heritage. The Colombian Amazon region is a territory with an area of 403,348 square kilometers, representing 35.4% of Colombian area. It is comformed by the Departments of Caquetá, Putumayo, Amazonas, Vaupés, Guainía and Guaviare. This region have the largest international land border with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador.


In the Colombian Amazon region there are 88 indigenous reserves, in three Departments: Putumayo (30), Caquetá (38) and Amazonas (28). They occupy an area of 9,922,146 hectares (approx). With a population of 29,073 people and 5,619 families. However, the Colombian Amazon jungle still have inaccessible places, have been affected by illegal trades of drugs, mining, timber and wildlife.


The Amazon Rainforest, also faces several problems, such as, loss of tradition and culture in indigenous communities. The factor of climate change has also been reflected in recent years with strong periods of drought and floods.


The Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC), has seen this with concern. We are looking to strengthen, establish and protect the environment in a sustainable management. Is very important to make urgent and exceptional actions, because, if we do not protect this unique place in the world, the mankind will suffer in a short-term, natural disasters and climate change.


The Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC), has been working with several indigenous communities, encouraging the reforestation and forestry projects, establishing economic alternatives for the sustainable management of natural resources.


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