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Our History :


The Green Hope Fund (GHF) , began their activities as Green Hope Colombia (GHC) and was founded in 2007.


Since 2007 GHC, has an exchange of knowledge with different indigenous communities, saw different problems and lack of presence of the Colombian Government in the region. Having several communities meetings in Tarapaca Road ¨The Kilometers¨ and Indigenous Communities along the Amazon River, made a trusthful and strong relationship with indigenous leaders and shamans.


GHC had a first social work in the Colombian Amazon, were with the help of the Colombian Air Force and Caracol Social (Radio Station), and gave 6.000 Christmas presents to the children of different indigenous communities.


In 2011, GHC signed a cooperation agreement, to develop a forest project with ForestEver / Up2Green (France), this is a Reforestation and Agroforestry project. They are looking to recovery the damaged forest, and the sustainably management of natural resources in the indigenous communities; to achieve a better quality of life and the protection of the Amazon.



In 2012, GHC was contacted by Starkey Hearing Foundation, directed by Mr. Bill Austin to develop the project to build a community center in Altos del Pino, Cazucá. GHC supporting Nukanti Foundation for Children. The project was visited also by the 1987 Oscar winner Actress, Mrs. Marlee Matlin and the Former President of the United States, Mr. Bill Clinton.


In 2016, after visiting Mexico; we made contact with the Mexican Organizations of CONABIO and CONAFOR to develop a reforestation project, and decided to establish GreenHope Mexico (GHM).


GHF hope to strengthen their projects with International Companies and the support of the Colombian and Mexican Government.


In 2019, GHC signed a partnership with KOYAMADA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION (KIF) in the United States of America, to become in the future as Green Hope USA (GHUSA) and develop together proyects in Colombia and in the United States. We are looking to strenghten our projects with the support of the people of USA. KOYAMADA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION (KIF) is a not-for-profit-organization 501(C)(3).


GHC belongs to CBD - United Nations Decade on Biodiversity. As one of the foundations committed in pursuit of 2011 -2020 goals, in the protection of the biodiversity and environment in the world.





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GreenHope Mexico Foundation is a Non - Profit Organization & Non - Governmental Organization.
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