Map of the Indigenous Communities where we develop the Reforestation and Forest Restauration since 2011.


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Forestry & Reforestation - Colombia


The Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC) , works since 2011 in a partnership with ForestEver and Up2Green (France), developing an ambitious project of the recovery of degraded soil, forestry and deforested territories in indigenous communities.





Problem of soil use, and agriculture practices used traditionaly in the Amazon.


The Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC), have seen some agriculture practices of soil use in different communities as follows.



Indigenous Communities Involved:


After visiting several communities, we had the interest in 2011 with the Community of San Antonio de los Lagos. Located 40 minutes of Leticia city, where 10.000 trees were reforested.


In 2012 we developed the project in the Community of Valencia, located 2 hours from the city of Leticia, 10.500 trees were reforested.


In 2013 we developed the project in the Community of Mocagua, located about 1 hour and 45 minutes of Leticia city, where 6.500 trees were reforested. We sowed as well, SURBA tree (Couma Capiron), to protect the Churuco Monkey (Lagothrix lagothricha), which is in danger of extinction.


In 2014 we developed the project in the Community of San José Km6, located about 25 minutes of Leticia City, 5.000 trees were reforested.


In 2015 we established two (2) reforestation projects; first project in the Community of San José del Río, located about 30 minutes by boat of Leticia City, we are working with Women Indigenous leaders and we are expecting to reforest 6.000 trees and second project in the Community of San Martín de Amacayacu, located about 1 hour and 40 minutes by boat of Leticia City, we are working with Women Indigenous leaders and we reforested 10.000 trees.


In 2016 we established the reforestation project in the Community of Casiyanaira (Km11), located about 45 minutes of Leticia City, we are working with Indigenous leaders and we reforested 2.500 trees.


In 2017, we began a new reforestation project; with a new Indigenous Community of Villa Andrea in Loreto next to Puerto Nariño we reforested 6.387 trees; and repeat in Casiyanaira (Km11) we reforested 3.682 trees, Km6 we reforested 1.960 trees and San Martín de Amacayacu we reforested 10.091 trees, we finished with a total of 22.120 native trees in 2019.


In 2020, we developed the reforestation project in Amazon Forest with the Indigenous Community of San Martín Amacayacu; Casiyanaira Km 11; and Arara we reforested 10.249 native trees.


For the 15 projects developed , a document is signed between indigenous leaders and families interested to get involved in this project. This partnership agreement is participatory, the foundation provide financial, material work, tools, support, educational workshops and the staff. We working to develop the nursery, seedling growth, and finally sow and reforest native species in deforested areas of the indigenous communities.


The Indigenous community contributes with their work, they decide what species want to reforest in their land. We designates a representative per family, which works closely with the Foundation, attending the activities and in some cases take a corrective action, to be succesful.


We do ¨mingas¨(community work), to build the nursery and seed plot, compost recovery, etc. Seeing the growth of seedlings, with a support and visits of the foundation manager and director. Then, we proceed to sow timber trees, fruit trees and traditional trees for food.


We recovery all deforested areas, and we are expecting to have a sustainable production of fruits and food for the community. Having an economic income and developing sustainable projects to improve a better life in their community.




1. Improve the living conditions and health of indigenous communities on the outskirts of Leticia and Amazonas Department.


+ Secure and diversify the food security.

+ Diversify agricultural production.

+ Provide technical support and sustainable development of their traditional orchards.

+ Create an economic and commercial agricultural production.

+ Sell the surplus production.


2. Prevent deforestation factors.


+ Establish agroforestry practices with beneficiaries integrating the concept of species diversity and environmental conservation.

+ Replacing the burn practices, to alternative sustainable agricultural practices.

+ Establishing fruit and timber trees in degraded areas.

3. Value of local species and biodiversity.


+ Create family nurseries of fruit trees.

+ Sowing seedlings in the plots and degraded and deforested areas.

+ Collect seeds in the forest, and establish in the damaged areas around the community.

+ Maintain and protect the young plants of the beneficiaries.



Our goal is to generate employment, economic support for the basic needs of the communities.

Develop and implement projects, exotic fruits, crafts, cultural tradition and the training of the people, to develop a sustainable economic alternatives in long therm.

The Indigenous Communities have seen positively this project, as it protects their cultural identity and tradition.







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San Antonio de los Lagos Project. / 10.000 trees reforested.

Valencia Project. / 10.500 trees reforested.

Mocagua Project (2013). / Establishing nursery and seed plot. / Working with beneficiaries. / 6.000 trees and expecting to reach 10.000 trees.

SURBA tree (Couma Capiron),
for the protection of Churuco Monkey (Lagothrix lagothricha), is in danger of extinction.

Young plants ready to be sowed in the reforestation project in Mocagua - 2013.

Children of the Amazon, painting trees and learning why is important to protect the Amazon Forest.

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Our projects is a sustainable model of use of natural resouces.



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