About Us

We are a group of conservationists who live and interact in the Colombian Amazon Rainforest with Brazil and Peru.

The experience acquired during years by different Ecotourism and Environmental projects, such as reforestation and ancestral cultural protection, got our interest and dream of preserving the Amazon Rainforest.

Currently, we have been working with different indigenous communities and local people, for the sustainable development of projects.

Our goal is to preserve, educate and raise awareness about the care and sustainable use of natural resources of the Amazon Rainforest, we want to share with everyone the value of this privileged treasure of our planet.

Welcome to Huanganay, a real Amazon Forest Reserve, full of biodiversity.




Felipe Ulloa

Biologist graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He has worked on Eco-Tourism and Education projects. He visited the Amazon in 1996, and live in the region since 2002, accumulating multiple field experiences.

He has also worked on projects of scientific journalism, nature documentaries and filming, as well as specialized expeditions, design and operation of excursions and other adventures, with deep experience in the design, planning and operation of canopy tourism in tropical forests.

He is the founder, owner and current manager of his own Travel and Tourism Agency Operator: SELVAVENTURA COLOMBIA S.A.S.

A lover of nature, he focuses part of his life on projects with Indigenous Malokas and Shamans for the strengthening of ancient ancestral knowledge.



Chan Shigematsu

Graphic Designer graduated from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. He lives in the Amazon for more than 14 years.

He has worked in different Design Corporations, but has focused on the development of social projects, victims of armed conflict and environmental issues.

He also works as a photographer and tv actor. He has participated in different productions of film, television, documentaries and film projects of nature.

His leadership and experience took him to found Green Hope Colombia, which works with indigenous communities in the Amazon and Mexico.

He loves nature, and contact with ancient indigenous communities that still exist in the Amazon.