The Green Hope Colombia Foundation, is looking for support to empower their projects. Grants and donations are very important to continue our work in The Amazon Forest.


We are looking donations of:


1. Money: To follow up the projects, and sow more trees.


1.1. Cost of tree to reforest. USD $ 2,5; per year.


1.2. Cost of tree sowed, after reforestation and follow the young plant. USD $ 4; per year.


2. Kits: For the beneficiaries of the communities (Machetes, shovels, rubber boots, gloves, hats).


3. School supplies: For the children in the communities where we work.


4. Equipment: We need to record and document the projects and goals, we need equipment. (Video HD Camera, Photo Camera, GPS, Laptop).


You can write us, if you are interested in support our projects and if you wish to make a donation.



The Savings Bank Account of the Foundation Green Hope Colombia is:




For local deposit in Colombia:


Owner: Fundación Green Hope Colombia
Savings Account
No. 5719 - 353 - 0534
Bogotá, Colombia / Southamerica



For international deposit/ WIRE transfer:


Savings Account
No. 5719 - 353 - 0534
Swift Code: COLOCOBM

Name: Fundación Green Hope Colombia
NIT: 900 161 664 - 5

City: Bogotá, Colombia / Southamerica

Dirección Comercio Internacional
Calle 30A No 6-75 - Mezzanine Torre Sur
Bogotá, Colombia / Southamerica




To make a donation ONLINE from USA or Overseas with KIF - Koyamada International Foundation 501C3:

Please click here:





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